Saturday, October 11, 2008

Almost Blowing His Cover

Mini-Husband lost his fifth tooth yesterday and if some you remember, this mean a nocturnal visit from the tooth mouse.

You would think by now, on the fifth tooth, we'd have the gig on this all worked out. A simple sneak into Mini-Husband's room, steal the tooth, deposit the 2 euro coin, and sneak back outta there without waking anyone.

Easy, right?

Sure, as long as you don't forget.

I've been busy this morning trying to explain to Mini-Husband that there is only one tooth mouse for the whole of France and there must have been a serious rush of kids losing their teeth last night.

Mini-Husband thinks that the mouse needs to get an assistant, like a squirrel, to help so that all the teeth all over the country can get picked up as they should.

I agreed with him wholeheartedly then snuck back upstairs and did what we should have done last night.

I make a bad mouse, that's for sure. But, boy can I do squirrel!


kissmekaty said...

There's an understatement!! xoxo

diane said...

The fairy is way lame around here. One time she left Meghan anote apologizing for not being able to get to her the first night. I hope Ceara nevers hears about her so she can just go the way of the wind.

Kitty said...

I guess finding it on the floor wouldn't have worked this time.
made him suspicious. . .

m-n-mcuties said...

Gosh, we have the same problem in the States. Our Fairy is quite good at writing apologies for tardiness.

kissmekaty said...

Mom said my brother once wrote the tooth fairy a note after a week of looking under his pillow!! Luckily for the toothfairy, he made a production about writing the letter and Mom was able to get the message, I mean, pass the message on to the toothfairy! Alot going on with 6 kids, explains why she still does not know my birthday! xoxoxox