Thursday, October 16, 2008

We Could've Payed Mini-Husband Less, I'm Sure

We got the bill from Godot Roofing the other day and much to our surprise and joy, the final bill is exactly what they had estimated ever so long ago. This is a minor miracle in my book and both Hubster and I were relieved that we only needed to cut off one arm and leg each rather than the two we feared might be the case.

I have to admit, I kind of miss having the guys from Godot around. They arrived each morning with a smile, played with the dogs, chatted with The Princess, explained their work to Mini-Husband, and didn't laugh at my French.

They also inspired Mini-Husband to start renovating his cabane in the garden. He's created a wish list of things to buy at Gedimat which include paint, nails, an electric screwdriver, a mirror, and a hammer. I'm not sure what Santa will make of this list, but it just goes to prove, he is definitely like his father.

Yesterday, Mini-Husband decided it was time to re-do the roof of the cabane. And so he did.

I was impressed with his work ethic and as he pointed out, it is nice to have the roof of the cabane match the roof of the house.

The Princess took a different view on things:

But in the end, the cabane has a new roof and all involved, including the four legged assistant, seemed pleased with a good day's work.

Of course, we still need to work on that 'cleaning-up-the-site-after-the-work-is-finished' thing, but we'll get there.


Kelly said...

We have some work to be done around our house. Will he come here? He can work for peanut butter. Oh, and you need to bring him here and stay here.

kissmekaty said...

I'm impressed!! I'm sure he''ll make a better assistant than hubster! xoxoxox

Sue said...

Every good roofer should have his own cheerleader...

Dig said...

Can you send some of those pom poms over with Kitty and her stash of peanut butter in Dec?

Mooster said...

wow i like ellens veiw much how u say??? edgy!!!! hahaha although i don't know how much the four legged asisstant helped