Friday, October 3, 2008

It's Too Dark To See

This morning is being brought to you by a very awake toddler. One who at 6:15 this morning was quite wide awake and yelling, "BOTTLE" at the top of his very healthy lungs.

This would be the same child that at 2:30 am, also woke and yelled, "BOTTLE OF MILK, MOM!"

So here we are. Sitting in a dimly lit room, watching his favourite DVDs while I try and keep my eyes open.

I guess the good thing is that we will actually get a chance to say goodbye to Hubster before he heads off to work. And I won't have to come flying down the stairs to yell at Typhon when he starts yodeling at 7am.

It's really dark outside. I mean really dark. I don't see a single star and not a neighbour seems to be up and about.

I think I'll sit with some coffee and wait for the light. It should come peeping over the church sometime soon, giving me a chance to see Typhon before hearing him, I hope.

Ah, no. There he goes. Sending his love to all you, one "whooooo-wooooo" at a time.


Sue said...

Good morning to you too Typhon!

Mooster said...

I love that pic. Thanks Will for that one.

Kitty said...

Send a picture of Bubba Love also!

diane said...

hahaha that last comment was from mom

tell typhon I wuvvvv uuuuuuuuu toooooo


Jenimal said...

Wooowoooo Woooo!!!!!


Sonya said...

Livie loves that photo of "Anouk"! Okay, I know it's not THE "Anouk" but Livie now calls all sled dogs "Anouk" after I named her stuffed animal "Anouk." ;)