Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Her New Favourite Spot

There is a universal truth to huskies that they have a tendency to sit on top of things. Be it on their dog houses, steps, walls, etc etc.

Luna used to have a thing for sitting on the fire escape outside Hubster's apartment in England, happily watching the world go by as a cool breeze tickled her tummy.

Our latest crew hasn't seemed to have the same need, or rather, the same access to a fire escape. Anouk likes the wall. Typhon likes the steps. And Abaka, well, she's a fire escape kinda husky.

I've found her lately on the picnic table on the patio, up on top of the kids' playhouse peering into the neighbour's yard, and hanging out on the wall behind Anouk.

But she seems to have finally found a spot that gives her exactly what she's looking for. A little peace and quiet, with a cool breeze to tickle her tummy.


Sue said...

Who said dogs don't have personality? What a riot!!!!

diane said...

Doesn't look too comfortable. But neither does Snick when she picks the smallest chair in the living room and lays with her head hanging off one side, and her legs hanging off the other.

Mooster said...

shes a pansy dog just like snick!!!!

i love her shes soo funny well now at least she found her spot a spot where walker byers will laugh at her and she will think she made a new friend

Mooster said...

favorite or favourite hummmmmmm