Saturday, October 6, 2007

Rugby Hangover

I'm sleepy still. Stayed up too late watching the end of the second big match of the Rugby World Cup last night.

The first match, England vs Australia, had been incredible during the afternoon. England, and the beautiful Jonny Wilkinson, pulled off a stunning upset that caused Hubster and I to dance around the lounge and Typhon to start singing without his usual church bell accompaniment.

The second match between France and New Zealand was more than I ever imagined. New Zealand was the tournament favourite and the attitude here was that France just needed to play a good game. Winning it would be another thing.

Well, they did.

(And the strangest thing is, they seemed to have my friend as their head coach. Funny that, I never knew Paul could speak French! I think he did play rugby at one point in his life, but that was more for the free beer than the glory of victory...)

So this now means that the battle lines will be drawn once again. It's England vs France in the semi-final next weekend. Hubster vs the Village. " Le Roast Beef" vs "The Frogs."

I'm going to have to practice God Save the Queen with the kids this week.

And I have a sneaking suspicion that Typhon isn't just howling with the bells. He's actually singing La Marseillaise. Might have to hide the dog during the match next weekend.

This could get ugly.

1 comment:

magali said...

I'll have to be with Typhon on that one...
Watched the match too ! And getting excited while a two months old cute baby girl is asleep in the room is hard ! Her dad and I (nope she is not mine ;-)) tried to stay as quiet as possible.
Let's hope next week match is as good.