Sunday, October 28, 2007

Relfections on My Chaos

I just finished reading Water For Elephants and there is a point at which the main character, who is 90 or 93 (he's not sure) talks about how the days when the kids were little and the chaos was all around him were his "halcyon days." How scary. And yet how true.

Yes, my world is strange and busy and I can't remember what day of the week it is sometimes, but these really are good days. We're busy growing, playing, changing, and exploring. We're enjoying the nutsdom of our cluttered house and our dog fur covered clothes. The ritual demands from the tribe for walks or to eat or to watch "Cars" again for the 3045th time. It'll do your head in.

Yes. I'll admit it. I'm going insane with all that's going on.

It's wonderful.

Chaos is fun. Chaos is life. Chaos is bright yellow with toys all over the garden.

Isn't it great?


kissmekaty said...

Your life was chaos befor kids! xoxox

Dig said...

So why stop a good thing?!?!!? ;)

Dig said...

Hubster might contend that chaos is MESSY and DIRTY and NOT MUCH FUN.