Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Christmas List

The first of the Christmas toy catalogs arrived at our house this week. A nice little booklet with loads of wonderful toys from what seems to be every Disney movie under the sun. The Princess and Mini-Husband were adorable, sharing a chair, reading the catalog together. Every time they saw something that they liked, I told them "to put it on your list." 3500 toys later, the lists are very long and distinguished.

I tried to remind the kids that there are millions of children who don't get any presents at Christmas. I tried to really drive the point home that Christmas isn't about getting loads of stuff but giving things to the people we love to show how much we appreciate and care about them. It's about the giving not the receiving, that's what Christmas is all about.

The Princess reflected for about 30 seconds on what I said. She blinked her big brown eyes and tossed her head onto her shoulder, "That's nice, Mom. But I want these toys for my birthday."

Any suggestions on what I should say now?!?!?!!?


Kitty said...

Just be glad her birthday isn't any time near Christmas.

magali said...

I'll second Kitty's comment... especially as we know what a birthday close to Christmas means ;-)

Dig said...

Seriously. I must have been a nightmare as a kid! Wait...perhaps that is still the case!! LOL

Diane said...

Oh, you should throw the whole Jesus' birthday thing in there and see what happens!!!!

Dig said...

Nightmare as a kid? Hubster might contend that I'm a nightmare as an almost-grown-up.