Saturday, October 20, 2007

England vs South Africa

Because I am beyond excited about this match tonight and because we are having loads of friends over to watch, I have not been able to sit still today. It's so bad that I've even cleaned the bathrooms. So bad, I've even vacuumed up all the spiderwebs flying around. So bad, that the oven is sparkling. So bad, that I'm twitching.

Good thing I was able to escape with Typhon for a little training run. Anouk had already headed out with her friend, Musher Boy, for a seriously long adventure. Typhon was a little blue about being left behind, so it was great to be able to get him running on his own.

I do really love it when the two are out running together. He's a powerful dog and really comes into his own when he's following the pack or just Anouk. He's a typical wheel dog. He's not a puller by himself. He's not sure how fast to go, he's scared of the cows, and he would rather smell the flowers. But that was ok today. It was just us plodding along. He's learning, and so I am, that sometimes the best pack is us, one on one.

Unless you are England getting ready for a ruck, but that's another story..!!!



Kelly said...

Sorry about the results, Karen. The match actually was shown on a station here on Sunday afternoon. We watched the last minutes, that I'm sure were brutal for y'all. Rugby is another sport that intrigues me, though. I don't get it!

Dig said...

Yeah, we were a bit sad about it but at least England had made the final!

And, if I'm really honest, even though I played the game for a bit, I'm still not 100% sure of all the rules!