Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just The Two of Us, And a Couple of Other English Speakers

Ah, a moment to sit and post. It's been a little hectic since our night away in
Salers. This beautiful little town has been voted one of France's most beautiful villages for several years and it's easy to understand why. It's location in the Monts du Cantal makes for spectacular scenery. It was so nice being there....

The highlight of the weekend had to be our evening in the local bar watching England beat France! There we were, in a bar the size of my parent's bedroom, chatting away with an American couple from Michigan (and hence CLUELESS as to what rugby was. But GO LIONS!), a couple from Ireland who spoke not a word of French (so I ended up translating agricultural terms all night for them, kindly being paid in beer), and a young aspiring politician from Salers who works for the Assembly National. (I had no idea he had a blog till I googled "Salers," but hey, as my cousin says, "Everyone's got a story to tell!") Hubster enjoyed a evening of rivalry with his favourite team to hate, but in the end made friends with three lovely French girls who actually invited us to go nightclubbing with them at 1am!Yup, we're getting old, but we're not out, just yet!

And with a thud (in the shape of fevers and tantrums) Sunday evening, it was back to the 5 of us. (Opps, 7!)

At least we've got Saturday to look forward to: England vs South Africa in the final. Yes, South Africa. Yet another country where Hubster has friends and connections. We're waiting for the phone calls and teasing to start about 9pm. I think the only team England could've played that wouldn't have caused huge amounts of rivalry would have been the US.

What? You didn't realize the US rugby team had made the World Cup?!?!?!

Wait. Right, sorry...Go Ravens! Go Chiefs! Go Packers!


ckweirath said...

Hello?!? What about the Bears? :)

Glad to hear you had fun & glad to hear the favorite team won.

Dig said...

How could I leave them out! Da Bears! I'm driving Da Bus for Da Bears!! Just don't tell my Packer-Backer relatives! ;)

kissmekaty said...

While you were recouping from your win, I was amongst a sea of RED enjoying the Chiefs victory over the Bengals!! Row 6 in the endzone! What a game!! xoxoxo

Dig said...

See, it's all karma! You win, we win etc etc etc... ;)