Monday, May 3, 2010

Tondeuse à Deux Chevaux

It's the World Cup of Grass Cutting these days in the village and I'm happy to say that our team, (pictured here on the left) even though off to a slow start, has rapidly caught up with the neighbour's side.

So far, no signs of injury or red cards, so we're hoping the team can carry on through the finals and really give that field a really good kickin'.

Only bummer is that Hubster, aka the head coach, is so allergic to his team, he's been sent off the field. Good thing Mini-Husband has been there to take up the relay. He's happy to give inspirational messages to Melting Pot and Calisse as often as he can.

Yes, our lovely new lawn mowers are Melting Pot and Calisse. Now please make sure you say Melting Pot correctly. The other night I tried to call her, "Here, Melting Pot" and she just stared at me. You need to make sure you call her Melting Pot. Got it? Accent is important with animals, you know.

And no. We haven't bought them. The only deux chevaux we'll ever have would be one like this:

Cute as it is, I'm not so confident about it's ability to cut grass. I think we're much better off sticking with the deux chevaux that not only trims back the weeds and stuff out there, but in the process provides us with fertilizer for the grass I'm trying to grow in the front garden. A win-win in my humble opinion. Just what the team needed.

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Kitty said...

Has the bull been over to check out his new neighbors??