Monday, May 24, 2010

Long Live the King

The other night at dinner, we somehow, by way of a conversation about Grandma and Grand-dad, started a long and convoluted discussion with the kids about the Battle of Hastings. Hubster and I launched colourful explanations of 1066 and why this battle was every so important to English history.

On my side, I tried to really stress the point that the man who invaded England at that time was actually Norman. I had great fun telling Mini-Husband that William the Conqueror was actually French. Ok, so not French-French at the time, but hey, I'll do what I can to score some points in this Anglo-centric household.

It was a lively discussion and I have to say I'm ever so glad that the kids are at least learning a little bit about history outside of France. Whether or not they remember all this is another thing.

But I know I'll will.

See, Bubba-Love was ever so impressed to hear than not only had he, William, invaded England, but that he, WILLIAM, actually became the KING. (Yes, Bubba-Love's name is William.)

"I'm the KING," he cried with a huge grin across his face. "And my sisters are the princesses! And mommy's the queen!"

"So what's daddy then, sweetie?"

"Daddy? Well, daddy's the horse."


RHB said...

too cute! long live the royal family and the royal horse. :)

magali said...

love that kid :D

hubster dave said...

horse? morelike ass!