Thursday, May 13, 2010

He So Gets It

Magali is visiting with us this weekend and it's hilarious how we all flip from English to French, back to English and then again to French. I'm not really sure what language we should stick to at this point.

Bubba-Love is quite taken with Magali and has been enjoying chatting away to her in all his languages. It's good she's here because there is nothing better than having a native speaker correct your mistakes.

For example, he asked me if I could go get his blue blankie (the most wonderful dou-dou of all time).

"Maman, tu peux chercher mon bleu dou-dou?"

Magali quickly corrected him.

"Bubba-Love, in French we say, 'dou-dou bleu.' In English, we say "blue blankie."

He thought about this for a nano-second and then said,

"Maman, tu peux chercher mon blue blankie?"

Touché. Il est trop fort.


Kitty said...

The French Academy better watch out for him!in

Sonya Heilmann said...

Of course he gets it! ;)

I love the flip-flop between the two languages.

That often happens with my family (but Spanish/English and not French/English, of course).

RHB said...

love it!