Thursday, April 8, 2010

C or C+ With a 2 for Effort

The transcripts arrived from my grade school the other day and it seems that I have always sucked at math. No shock there really since, even now, trying to add multiple numbers makes my eyes glaze over and causes the Ride of Valkyries to repeat over and over in my head. Actually, it turns out I pretty much sucked at everything except art and physical education.

Starting in 1976, with Miss Apple's kindergarten class, right up to eighth grade, I carried a solid C+ in English. Seems I had a knack for reading comprehension and listening, but couldn't spell to save my life. I still remember trying to memorize how to spell "business" in the fourth grade. Took me forever to just come up with the idea that it was a bus "I" needed to "ness" up. Clever girl!

I am a little amazed at my overall solid B performance with modern languages. My memories of French class from those years is limited at best but since I can sing all of Alouette without missing a line, I'm thinking something must have stuck. Who knew that knowing that song would come in quite so handy, eh?

I wish I could say it's been a delight to see these transcripts but actually, it's rather depressing to see that I was such a slacker even when I was 7. Guess I'll just have to be happy with the fact that I get an A+ for being consistent.


magali said...

I'm always amazed that people learn French comptines in French classes... Alouette is pretty bloody and Frère Jacques pretty boring ;-)

Maybe you just understood from kindergarden that life was something else ?
Looking at my PE grades you'd never think that I would get up at 6am to run every other day :p

Just be careful to keep those report cards away from Mini-husband!

varunner said...

Math was always rough for me too. I had tutors to get me through Pre-Cal and Statistics in college. If the kids need help in math, they're going to have to ask their dad...