Monday, April 12, 2010

I Think He's Earned Himself a Happy Meal

We ran into The Princess and Mini-Husband's teacher, Martine, this weekend and she pulled me aside to tell me a little story about what happened at school last Friday.

She had invited her doctor friend to come to the class and talk about the importance of healthy eating and exercise. He started out by explaining how everyone needs to make an effort to eat balanced meals, have lots of fruits and veggies, and to make sure everyone gets some exercise every day.

He also explained how important it is to actually make meal times special, how it's important to actually stop, sit down, and eat. Not run around like crazy and eat on the go like the Americans do.

"The Americans don't eat well. They do things for convenience so they eat lots of junk food, don't exercise and because of that, they aren't healthy and they tend to be fat."

It's at this point that Martine told me Mini-Husband raised his hand and gave the doctor a scowl that George W would have been proud of.

"Um, Doctor?" He said. "My mom's American and she's not fat."

God, how I love that the poor doctor's diatribe was ruined thanks to an 8 year old boy in a village tucked way up and out of the way in this rural back hole of France. He tried to save himself by telling Mini-Husband that since I've obviously lived here for so long, I've adopted the ways of the French. Mini-Husband wasn't buying it.

"No. My cousins aren't fat either."

And with that, Martine explained, the doctor quickly ended his lecture.

So for those of you keeping score at home, it's now buerre du cacahuete: 1. Nutella: 0.


magali said...

Poor Doctor ! How could he expect your tribe to be living in the middle of nowhere ? ;-)

Dig said...

Mwahhhh...we're everywhere! It's all part of our evil plan! ;-)

Kitty said...

Obviously this kid thinks for himself!!

Stephanie said...

Go Mini Husband! You rock! I will agree with the Doc that Americans could definitely improve our habits, but he was harsh! Glad you raised one who has enough self-confidence to stand up for you and the rest of us.

Diane said...

Let me first say that the doctor ought not teach stereo types. Just ask Hugues and Manon, who were surprised to learn and see for themselves that not all americans are fat, and that they don't eat fast food with every meal. And good for Jack! I'm just disappointed he didn't tell the doctor he was American himself, or at least a passport holder!

Kitty said...

His passport expired. He couldn't just renew it. His mother has been gathering documents to prove she has lived in the US and that he is entitled to his passport.

RHB said...

Way to go, Mini Husband. I love that! And I agree that the doctor should not teach stereotypes. At least he was encouraging kids to make good choices though. I just wish they would leave the Americans out of the whole health education and awareness effort. It really gets old hearing about how fat we all are when in fact we ALL aren't. And as far as exercise, there is nothing (at least in Clermont) like the intense kind of fitness classes that we have here in the States. I would say that although we have lots of fat people we also have lots more very fit people here.

Sandy said...

I shared this with my gang last night and Jake (my 9 year old) was disgusted that a DOCTOR would even say such things. He thought Mini-Husband was "awesome" for telling the doctor he was crazy! :) Oh Yeah...Happy Meals for everyone..WITH chocolate shakes!

Heather said...

Thanks for sticking up for us, kid!