Saturday, April 10, 2010

La Cantonade

This morning, Hippy Love Français called and said we were going on a hike. All of us. Kids and husbands, everyone. Foggy morning be damned. Today was La Cantonade and we were going.

What I hadn't realized was that La Cantonade was a new thing and it was important for us, the residents of our hill top village, to get together and participate. Our canton, which is roughly the same idea as a county in the United States, was sponsoring a walk where all of the villages in the canton were invited to take a hike to the main town (the county seat as it were) and in the process raise a little money for the fight against cancer.

And since I'm particularly fond of finding ways to kick cancer's butt, a hike with Hubster and the tribe sounded just about right.

And it was.

The best part was when Hubster manged to get a lift back to our village and stock up for a picnic. Our buddies from our village had done the same and were happily sharing out bottles of  rosé and rouge with all and sundry from our neighbouring villages near and far when Hubster, bless his English socks, showed up with a 12 pack.

Take that cancer.


Diane said...

sounds like the school fundraiser hike, one of my favorite things to do when I am in St. Jean. Wish we had been there to day!I like beer too.

Sue said...

Always a great day for gathering with neighbors. It was our day too to gather...