Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Hedgehog Returns

They are cute aren't they?

All fuzzy in a prickly kinda way. Just the right size to squeeze under fences and doorways. Ever so cute when they waddle around the garden at night looking for milk or a mouse.

I like hedgehogs, really I do. Hubster and I could start an international group that goes around saving these poor little suckers from the jaws of certain death. That death coming in the form of a Malamute or a Siberian. We've helped little hedgehogs escape from Luna back in our postage stamp sized garden in England and we've even let one give up his night job as a football here in France.

It's just that at 3 a.m. when one these little guys start acting like our third child, I get a little miffed and start planning hedgehog souffle.

Last night, sauntering up to the gate of the dog yard, plunking himself down well out of biting range but yet just close enough to annoy the crap outta Anouk and Typhon, our latest hedgehog reminded me of when Bubba-Love takes one of Mini-Husband's precious Matchbox cars, puts it in his mouth and threatens to throw up on it.

Ah, what fun when the mayhem ensues!

My only option last night to get Anouk to stop barking at the non-moving Brillo pad was to either go outside and physically remove the creature or throw a pitcher of water on the dogs from the kitchen window.

I'm not proud to admit that I have really good aim with a pitcher of water.

This morning, or rather later this morning, there was no trace of the hedgehog. There's a couple of spots in the dog yard where it's obvious the gang tried to claw their way out to commit murder, but overall, no trace of that roving wanna-be porcupine.

So there you have it. In the run up to the Hedgehog World Cup this summer, both teams are going into the competition with a solid win under their belts. The reffing was a little bit one sided in this latest clash for sure and, surprisingly, it was the losing coach who got splashed with Gatorade, but overall a fine start to the season.

Let's just hope the cats and squirrels don't field teams as well...


varunner said...

They are very cute. I had a hedgehog in college named Norman. He would run on his wheel all.night.long. So all you need to do is set up a hedgehog sized Gold's gym in a corner of your yard, complete with several wheels and maybe a treadmill, and you'll keep those hedgehogs happy ;-)

Diane said...

Hedgehogs must be realted to foxes. they know just how close they can get to Snickers to sendher over the edge. And therefore the neighbors too.

Sue said...

I can certainly relate. Just put a bowl of M&M's slightly out of my reach and watch me go crazy!!!!!