Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Got 5 Minutes

*It's normal that a 4 year old terrorizes the cafeteria lady, right?

*Is it possible that an 8 year old can be deaf? In both French and English? And for some strange reason, he can only hear me when I'm outside talking to the dogs?

*It will happen that The Princess will be really good at ice skating and therefore force me to use my sewing machine to make those sparkly costumes, 'cause I'm all over competition, aren't I?

*Rosie is 11 months old today. To mark this milestone, Hubster and I got her a nice new/used car. Amen for a bateau de route!

*Hubster may be forced to see a dentist after 20+ years of avoiding such people. You have no idea how it's killing me not to make jokes about European teeth.

*Watching grass grow really is as boring as it sounds.


Kitty said...

Thanks for the updates!

Stephanie said...

Which is worse - red clay or volvanic soil? I really don't know! I have given up on landscaping this place until the kids are old enough to press into child labor. For now, we just keep a towel in the garage for everyone's feet and hope the weeds cover the red clay. ARGH! My brown thumb sympathizes.

Dig said...

You know, I might like red clay better because all I keep growing in this volcanic region is rocks. And stones. And more rocks.

Brown thumb indeed.