Monday, June 1, 2009

Build A Birdhouse In Your Soul...Or Your Back Gate

Hubster has been very busy these past months working on the back garden. He's got a fence to put up, a stone wall to build, and loads of rubble to remove from where our old annex used to be. Luckily, he's had some great help from various guests at the B&B, notably Curtis (our brother-in-law) and our seriously tall German friend.

When Seriously Tall German friend was here, He and Hubster worked on putting in a proper back gate so that the constantly escaping husky trio might not be so constantly escaping. Which they aren't, except when Bubba-Love opens said gate and lets them run out...but I digress.

Once the gate was up, Hubster blocked a gap between the gate and the old annex wall with some cinder blocks as a temporary measure until he could actually get some time to build something more permanent. What he didn't realize was that in the process, he actually built the first high rise bird house in the village.

Yesterday afternoon, as we sat on our terrace, we heard the little "peep peeping" of baby birds from somewhere around us. We wondered as we watched the birds flying hither and there where the nest was. Low and behold, up to the gate swoops a little mama bird. She quickly ducked her head into one of the cement blocks on the fourth row down and disappeared.

A little while later, Hubster and I glanced in and saw the littlest residents of bird "wing" of the Birth Control Bed & Breakfast. I can imagine that if the birds have been able to line that cinder block with loads of Typhon's fur, those baby birds couldn't have asked for a better room.

Of course, this means Hubster is going to have to wait to start building the permanent wall there, at least until these little birds leave the nest. Too bad we can't use that excuse for the main residence.

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