Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Rants

*I need a bucket. A bucket with a lid. You'd think any one of these major flippin' stores over here would have one. Nooooooo. Buckets, yes. All kinds of buckets. Blue ones, grey ones, ones that wring out your mop. Not a single one with a lid. I finally Googled "buckets" (or "seau" for those of you keeping score at home) and their matching happy lids only to find out that what I'm looking for might cost about 11 euros. 11 euros. FOR A BUCKET? WITH A LID? Of course, Hubster would probably like to tell you all how I spent 11 euros on a sock box. Which, I agree sounds excessive. But it's a really cute sox box. One that matches the colour scheme in the guest room! And it's not just a sox box, it's an accessory! Heck, that bucket is just for dirty nappies! No comparison!

*Yesterday, the kids and I had the ever so fun experience of trying to get Whoopsie's passport photos taken. Someone tell me please, is it really that important that this baby of 5 weeks needs to have her eyes open and her head held straight up, with no sign of the magician mama who's doing various Kung Fu moves trying to hold the baby in the right position? 8 shots later and I think we have one that might work. Cross your fingers.

*The tribe is currently enthralled with the song, Hallelujah, and have taken to singing it at all times around the house, in the car, on the way to school, in the shower, and in the garden as loud as they possibly can. They've been inspired by this clip and I have to admit, who can blame them. The New Guitar Heroes, as this foursome is called, has fast become a favourite with all of us. And the best part, when they ask if they are dead, I can happily say, "no."

*And a quote that is sticking with me this week as I struggle with my role as a post-partum goddess: "I'm not a big fat panda. I'm THE big fat panda."


magali said...

I'll happily join in the singing, love that song... but expect tears too :)

Kelly said...

What about an empty bucket (with lid) that held concrete or paint, or... I know Home Depot has these kinds for sale. I don't know the official name, but you know what I mean? Like 5 gallons, with a lid and handle? I realize you don't have a Home Depot, but maybe somewhere similar?

kissmekaty said...

le Brico Depot rocks!!!

God Bless Kelly! xoxoxoxox

Diane said...

Clearly the same things are going on as were when we were there. I've been singing Hallejujah for weeks now.And I just can't get enough of Kung Fu panda.

ckweirath said...

I had that song in my head for weeks after I left you guys, too. I guess it is better than some horrible song. :)