Monday, June 15, 2009

The Nosey Nanny

It's a strange thing this love we have for our dogs and our desire to incorporate them fully into family life. We want to believe that they understand love and know not to be rough or horrible to the little people that share their garden. But the truth is, we hear stories all the time about dogs who seem to attack without provocation and end up causing terrible injuries or even death. The dogs are dogs and we have to always keep that in mind.

Yet, there are moments when I wonder if they 'get it' better than we give them credit for.

I remember way back when, to the time when Mini-Husband was just a little peanut, and I'd sit on my bed with him, giving him his bottle. The whole time I'd sit there, I'd be surrounded and protected by my big furry Luna. It was as if she was keeping check on me, making sure that I didn't hurt the little guy. She had a maternal streak, that beautiful dog, and I loved watching how fascinated she was by my baby.

They say you shouldn't trust any dog with children and I do agree, but there were moments when I sat with Luna and Mini-Husband that I didn't wonder if she would have knocked me for six if she felt he was being threatened by me or my actions.

We've been fairly mellow about introducing Whoopsie to the three current furry residents of the house. We've let them sniff her, smell her clothes, and even lick her a little bit, trying to help them understand that if they are gentle with Whoops, that's ok and good.

I sat with Whoops and the dogs on the steps in front of the house yesterday, enjoying the calmness of the afternoon. She started fussing a little and immediately, 6 furry ears tuned in. Typhon didn't seem too worried. He looked up at us, wondered if he'd get a tickle under the chin, and then flomped back down on the cold stone. Anouk heard Whoopsie's cries but seemed more interested in what Typhon and Abaka were doing to pay any attention to the little human.

It was Abaka who nearly brought tears to my eyes.

Every time Whoops cried, Abaka would twitch her ears and roll her head from side to side, trying to figure out this sound. She came right up to Whoopsie, went nose to nose and sniffed that little baby so gently. She sat down next to us and if Anouk hadn't have scared her off, I'm sure Abaka would have been happy to lick any traces of left over milk from Whoopsie's face, hands, or neck.

I'm not sure Abaka has a maternal streak, but she sure does have a gentle curiosity that is endearing. Granted, this is the same dog that has killed two chickens and a bird, so I'm not going to give her a chance to babysit anytime soon, but I am happy to let her come and be close to Whoops and me. She reminds me of another furry friend who I loved and who loved my baby.


Sue said...

Miss Luna!

Kitty said...

Luna also protected Ellen from Jack when she was a newborn. When Jack went near Ellen, a big nose appeared between him and the baby She was ever vigilant!

Kelly said...

So sweet.

Diane said...

Abaka was the only one interested in Whoops when we were there. Thanks for the tears this morning. Dogs rock. I am so glad we get to have those good ones. Even if all flower beds do suffer.