Friday, March 13, 2009

All I Want for Easter is Grass

It's a beautiful day out there. I've actually even hauled one of those famous drying racks outside to see if I can get that mountain of laundry to crumble once and for all in my basement.

The only down side to using the drying rack would be that since there isn't a blade of grass to be found in our garden, each time the dogs breathe, fart or move, the clothes get dusty. It's looking and feeling like the Sahara out there. There is one spot of green way over by the remnants of Mini-Husband's demolition project but I suspect that area is green for reasons that make said spot less inviting as a picnic destination.

My dream is that one day I'll wake up to find that Roger the Shrubber from Monty Python's "Holy Grail" has come by in the night and secretly re-landscaped the place, putting flowers, bushes, and grass where such things should be. I'll be the envy of all the village. The B&B sporting a true "English garden" finally!

Till then, I'll just have to be proud of my American trailer trash front yard, with it's sleeping dusty dogs and underpants blowing in the wind.


kissmekaty said...

Sounds ever so appealing for my arrival next week!

Nice drying rack, though!! xoxoxoxo

RHB said...

I'm bummed I am missing all that nice weather and Katy's visit this time. Wish you could profit from all the landscaping that we have had done recently on Rue des Tennis!

Dig said...

RHB: Can you imagine what I could do to this place for the price of your caution?!?! I'm getting all excited!