Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Guest List

I had some free time recently to have a really good look at my calendar for the coming weeks and I'm starting to second guess my sanity.

March 19- April 9: Madame Home Depot will be here to help us finally attack some of those lingering home improvement projects that we need to get done. Hopefully this means come the summer, all four kids will not be sharing a bunk bed. Another good thing with her is that I can slap lardons and potatoes in front of her for every meal and she'll be fine with that.

The weekend of April 5: Three of Hubster's good friends from England will be with us as well. Two of them are called John and Paul and since I can not for the life of me remember the third one's name, he's going by Ringo from here on in. The good news is that these three are seriously good company and they will be happy to cook and not care if the toilets are dirty. Where I'm going to put the when it's time for bed, I haven't quite figured out yet. I'm not sure Madame Home Depot will be so disposed as to share her guest bed and since we aren't that 'type' of establishment, I should hope not too!

April 9 or 10 until about April 14: The Germans are coming! Again, yet another set of super guests who I've warned are going to be staying here on a "self-catering" type plan. Hope they don't mind changing the sheets, loading the dishwasher and making dinner for all us while they are here. I'll be about 37 weeks pregnant and extremely cranky if all goes as planned.

April 17- 25: No one. A week to freak out all by ourselves and imagine how life will be when Whoopsie gets here for real.

April 26 ish: The Parents arrive on back up duty.

And thank GOD for that. 'Cause I'll put money on Whoopsie coming that week of April 17, when we've got no one in house. I can see me now, frantically calling friends at midnight to come and keep Mini-Husband, The Princess, and Bubba-Love company till Hubster can get back home to them after Whoopsie quits the Hotel Deluxe that is my uterus.

These weeks will fly by. Are we ready everyone?


Sue said...

Don't forget to breathe!

Dig said...

During labor or before it?

Diane said...

Yeah, that's a lot of company. Maybe we should rethink our plans to come? NOT.

kissmekaty said...

Sam's Club is out of peanut butter! xoxoxo