Friday, March 20, 2009

Where in the World Is Madame Home Depot?

I have to admit, I love tracking flights in real time. The day I know someone is coming to us by plane, I'm on the airline's site, following that little computer generated airplane as it wings it's way closer and closer to us.

This day and age, with the constant updates, it's almost like I'm on that plane with them. Knees scrunched up, banging into the seat in front of me, desperate to pee but waiting ever so patiently for the large man next to us to wake up so I don't have to perform some sort of bizarre gymnastics move to escape the row and run to the toilet. Not to forget the inability to get any sleep on such a long flight since your head has become frozen to the cold little window next to you as you repeat obsessively to yourself, "please God, don't let me snore."

I remember when Kitty and BaPa came to visit last time. I knew from watching their flights online that their flight back to the states had been cancelled, their alternative delayed and, with the help of my sister, figured out they would be heading for a quick tour through Germany before finally getting back home to the US. When BaPa finally had a chance to call from Frankfurt, I told him his itinerary before he could.

This morning, I'm watching Madame Home Depot's flights. Last night, I knew already that she'd miss her first connection to Paris and after checking the status this morning, I'm fairly sure she missed the second option as well. This means that as I type, I'm thinking she's being handed some sort of nice plastic meal to wake up her stomach and get her excited for arrival.

The question then becomes how fast can she boogie through Paris Charles de Gaulle to get to the little plane that will finally bring her to us? Can she make a two hour connection through the most horrifically confused airport in Europe and beg her way on to the early flight? Or will she be stuck in a crappy waiting hall for three more hours until, desperate for a shower and a nap, she will finally be able to get on the shuttle bus that will take her to that magic happy plane heading south to us?

The little computer plane is now passing over Ireland, turning slightly towards France. An hour to go till her feet hit French soil. But miles to go before she can sleep.


Kitty said...

Did she arrive?

Dig said...

Yes and she's now winging her way to the shower and the very comfy guest bed.

RHB said...

Glad she made it- give her a hug from me. :)