Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Weather

It's grey, cold, and sleeting today. Just my kinda weather. It can only mean that the real cold and snow isn't far off! Bring on winter! I'm ready to play in the snow, build some igloos, and break trail with the dogs.

Of course, if today is any insight, that could be difficult. Anouk has curled up in her dog house and hasn't even come over to say, "Good Morning." Typhon, on the other hand, knocked on the door just after his 7am karaoke with the bells and hasn't moved from the hallway since. I've opened the door a couple of times to let him out and he won't budge. Must be a Malamute thing. Luna always liked to play the carpet when it was cold outside too.

Tomorrow I'm taking them out for a jaunt with the bike. I've got my helmet, my gloves, and my brakes ready to go. Cross your fingers for me, ok?

Whoa....wait!!! There's a snowflake!!!! Oh JOY!!!! Oh HAPPINESS!!! Oh WINTER!!!

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