Sunday, November 25, 2007

Not a Cat to be Seen

I made it back alive from a jaunt with the dogs today. I will admit to be a little bit intimidated when I hook up Typhon and Anouk and head off through the village. The minute it takes to get from my front door to the open road, sends chills up my spin. I never know how many cars, cats, or people we are going to see before getting free of the confines of village life. Who knew cats and a boulangerie could be so stressful?!?

As we rolled around the corner past said boulangerie this morning, I was ready with the brakes just in case Winnie the Cat showed his little grey face. But to my delight and joy, not a cat to be seen! It was only when I heard the sound of the gunshots that I figured the cats must have already been in hiding.

Hunting season has arrived.

Rumour has it, most of the time the hunters are looking for three things: Red, white and rose.

Hence why Anouk, Typhon and I decided that with the shotgun sounds being just a teenie weenie closer than normal this morning, we'd stick to the roads.

Most of the hunters are men that I know from around the village. They all meet up at this lovely old trailer by the quarry, check that they've all got their cell phones, throw a couple of hound dogs in the back of a Renault, and then head off. It's a massive convoy of big men in little cars, parking on the side of the road as the hounds flush out the birds or deer or wild boar that they are looking for. If they get a call that the hunted have changed direction, it's everyone back in the cars and off towards the trails where they once again park on the side and wait.

We passed the convoy as we headed out on the main road. I managed to free my death grip from the brakes to wave hello to the various sundry I know from the village.

I'm sure they all think I'm nuts.

There goes that crazy American woman with her dogs again. Did you see her the time she flew over the handle bars in front of the boulangerie? Funniest thing I've seen in weeks!

Life in the country. We've all got our own ways of having fun.

The hunters have shotguns and wine.

I've got a banged up bike and two huskies.


magali said...

could you correct that ? You've got a bike, two huskies and wine too...
Those guys and you have one thing in commun ;-)

Dig said...

HA! Can you imagine me out hunting?!?!?

magali said...

hunting... not at all ;-)

RHB said...

That crazy American woman who sometimes runs with her baby too! :)