Thursday, November 8, 2007

I Think We've Now Paid for a Full Doctor's Office Renovation

Ah yes, back from yet another visit with the doctor. Bubba-Love's fever hasn't improved over the last three days, so after a frantic phone call last night, Buba Love and I went down and saw him this morning.

The diagnosis: pneumonia.

We've got a new anitbiotic to try and a x-ray appointment for tomorrow. I'm on hive watch and thinking we might need to buy a new copy of Cars.

Red wine, anyone?


ckweirath said...

Poor Karen & poor Bubba Love. Hope you all get on the well wagon soon.

magali said...

Poor Bubba !
He will be ok: he might end up being a runner ;-) I had pneumonia as a kid and look how normal I am now ... or maybe not ;-p

If you want a change, I have a bottle of italian digestif in my room : limoncello, very tasty.
Take care

Dig said...

husband thinks you should bring down that bottle of italian plonk...