Thursday, November 15, 2007

Did the Brakes Hold Out?

Eh, voila! I've made it back home safe and sound after taking both the happy mutts out with the bike. Sure, I've blown out the brakes yet again, but not a single wound to be found!

Honestly, it was amazing. We had gotten about a centimeter of snow last night and it was still snowing this morning. I somehow managed to get the dogs, the baby, and the bike into our little 4x4 and haul them over to French-Me's house. There are a series of beautiful logging roads not too far from her place so she watched the Bubba Love while I got to go toodling with the dogs.

The silence of snow is something I live for. The calm, the quiet, the peace of fresh snow. Here we were, out on new undiscovered trails, bouncing along, with only the jingling of Anouk and Typhon's collars as background noise.

Anouk is really coming on as a lead and followed my commands like a rockstar. Typhon even seems to be getting the idea and helped keep us flowing at a good pace for over 10K. The nicest thing is that when I did finally burn through my brakes, we were only about 1/2 a kilometer from French-Me's house!

It was at that point that I took a spectacular spill when I tried to brake going into her hamlet. Yes, that's when I realized the brakes were well and truely gone! I tried to roll through the frosty/snow scrub on the side of the road to slow down but ended up going over the gangline and tumbling. Typhon and Anouk stopped, waited for me to get back up, sorta snorted a laugh at me, and off we went again.

I love being able to watch them run and pull. Heck, I even kinda like falling off the bike at this point!

I love these dogs. I love seeing them curled up outside in the snow right now. Tired, happy, and peaceful.


Our Own International Multiples Club said...

OOH! You made me laugh! I loved the snow this AM also. What fun to watch mes filles getting so excited. They were ready to pull out the sleds.

Congrats with the dog progess. I know you must be excited.

Dig said...

I am! Plus, I have less injuries this time! We MUST be getting better at this!! LOL