Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tired Tired Tired

My head is ready to explode. Yet another afternoon of French grammar and I really do feel like I'm having all this pronoun, masculine/feminine thing hammered into my head. Accord? Accorde? Why? When? Why with this verb in this context and not with the same verb when it's having a cup of tea?!?!?! Who made this up?!?!

I'm almost too tried to write about my experiences with tripe on Sunday. (Tripe. If you don't know what it it, you need to click on the link.) I was proud of myself for actually tasting it and finding it much better than expected. That being said, I'm not sure I'll be making it anytime soon.

See, I helped waitress the annual parent's association dinner. A dinner that started at 9am. A dinner of tripe that started at 9am. And there were people actually there to eat tripe at 9am! By about 12:30, my sense of smell was gone and I had no trouble serving the huge plates of tripe with boiled potatoes, bread, and cheese.

There was a fair amount of food left over when we had finished serving so we waitresses were allowed to take what we wanted back home. I scored a huge wheel of bread, some St Nectaire, and a tub of tripe. I had thought maybe one of the tribe at home would want to taste it.

I had the distinct impression I smelled ever so lovely as I wandered back to our house. Low and behold, the dogs sensed that too. I was literally licked clean as I walked into the garden. Seems tripe is a big favourite with the four legged members of our family. Who knew! Anouk and Typhon manged to open the Tuperware (without using thumbs I might add) and inhaled the entire container. I haven't seen something that clean since I bought new dishes.

Tripe. I love most things French but I will admit I'm having a little trouble with that one. Oh, and the grammar, of course! Thank goodness I've got a week till the next class and a year until the next parent's association meal.


magali said...

Tripes as the only option ? That's hard ! I can eat a bit of it, but nothing like having a complete meal out of it.

It's accord, and there is a all lot of magic behind getting the accord right. You'll make it, I am sure ;)

Kelly said...

You're a braver woman than I my friend! And it's good that you gave it to the dogs. Probably best for them anyway.

Remind me to do a post someday about the time I had haggis. Yes, much drinking was invloved...

kissmekaty said...

Don't you still have haggis in your freezer?!?!?!? xoxox

Dig said...

Yes, the football haggis is still in my freezer. That's what, 3-4 years it's been there? Not to mention, it even moved house with us!!

Think that might be Thanksgiving dinner for the dogs this year! LOL