Monday, June 28, 2010

Nuit des Piqueurs

Have I ever mentioned how much the French like to walk? How serious these people are about any excuse to organize a randonnée and head out into the woods? Have I ever mentioned how they also find a way to combine this love of walking with the love of eating and drinking? Have I ever mentioned how much I love that?

Take Saturday night for example. Full moon, over forty happy people, an easy walk from one course to another in some of the hamlets around the village. Every once in a while, we'd stop and have a good laugh at some really raunchy street theatre. The final climatic stop being that at the statue of Mary, way up on our highest hill, where a man dressed as a monk juggled fire before doing his best impersonation of a dragon. 

The wine was good, the evening lovely, I wandered easily at the back of the group while Mini-Husband and Princess Boo lead the way with their friends from school. Have I ever mentioned how much I like living in a place where everyone knows my children and you really do get the feeling that it takes a village? 

We finished with desert back in the church square. It was 1am and the little hikers were beat. Sure, our town council likes to get in fights, sure the neighbours may fight over an inch of land, sure sometimes everyone knowing everything about you gets a little hard to live with, but when you walk through the woods and fields of this old place on a full moon in the end of June, you really know it doesn't get any better than this.


kissmekaty said...

Lovely! xoxoxo

P.S. Before Di says it, dessert has 2 s's!

Dig said...

You know, I knew something looked wrong with that word but since I don't ever eat the stuff myself, I just let it go. ;-)

Diane said...

Don't ever touch the stuff? RRRIIIIIGGGGHHHHHTTTTT. At least you had walked it off first. Can you please organize a rondenee while you are here. That was one of my favorite things I did in France.