Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Letter from Prison

Dear Dig,

Thanks for coming to see us today. Nothing like a nice fresh bowl of water first thing in the morning. And getting rid of Anouk's poop, well, I don't quite know how to thank you. Not sure what she's been eating, but WHOA.

We were wondering though if it would be possible to bring back those really nice cold temps we had last week? It's not that we don't like the sun, it's just since we can't possibly shed any more this summer, it could get hard to cope. I know that the old outhouse makes a really nice cool spot to sleep but Anouk, damn her, decided to reinstate it's old use and so now laying in there just isn't possible. I've tried digging out a nice new hole right in front of the gate, but Abaka thinks it's for her. Sisters, I swear.

Please tell Musher Boy that even though I may seem very excited to see him, I'm really not. I don't care if it's a nice night, pulling that damn cart when I could be howling with the 10pm church bells really ticks me off. Why can't he just take Anouk so Abaka and I can have a couple of minutes peace? You do know that she's insane, that Anouk, don't you?

Thanks also for the little bit of chicken liver you threw to us yesterday. A nice treat and tasted just like the one we had back in November. Ahhh, the memories...

Well, my paws are getting a little tired and the hole is free, so I'm off to curl up and dream of living next to a nice tall mountain where it snows all year long and it's legal to chase cats.

'Till tonight's choir practice,



kissmekaty said...

Dear Typhon, I, too, long for the days of past. When I used to live in the rural unit, I would roam the corn and soybean fields all day long, hunting possum and woodchuck, skunk and moles. Now that I have been moved to the urban unit, I have a very tiny patch of grass and have to settle for hunting snakes that crawl under the fence! Oh, the memories! Scooby

Diane said...

Dear Typhon, i wish you could visit me with your family. Previously they attempted to contain me by electrical shock, which was nasty to say the least. Now they have justplanted these uniform tress, which don't get between me and the squirrels. Plenty of room for you too. So hop in Luna's travel lounge and join your humans when they travel east in 26 days. I'll be waiting to join you in song.

Diane said...

Forgot to sign my previous post.

Love, Snickers

kissmekaty said...

P.S. To add insult to injury, I had to help install the fence! Scooby

kissmekaty said...

P.P.S. With all the additional posts, you would think we had small brains, oh, well. Scoob