Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Things That Come to Pass

Finally had the discussion about the f-word with Mini-Husband yesterday. After two solid weeks of not listening to the pop/rock radio station (we were deep into jazz radio...lovely to hear Amy Winehouse as 'muzak' I might add,) I decided to chance it. And what do you know, the VERY FIRST song that comes on is that silly one about "f-you very much."

"ARHGGHAAAA," I cried as I hit the tuner buttons.

"Mom, why don't you like that song," Mini-Husband asked?

And so, I explained my dislike for that four letter word and why it bothers me to hear it on the radio. He nodded his head, taking in my response, and went on with his drawing.

When Hubster got home later on, Mini-Husband greets him at the door and says,

"Hey Dad. You shouldn't say 'fuck' when you get upset anymore. It's not a nice word and mommy doesn't like it, ok?"

I managed to do a bit of DIY and I'm ever so proud of myself. Yes, I actually took a hammer and nail and put up a picture. My grand father, Wade, was an amateur photographer and I have several of his black and white photos that I love. I doubt he ever expected them to be hanging up in his grand daughter's house in France, but hey. That's how it is.

There's one that's been sitting in the corner of the kitchen for years and I've been meaning to find a nice home for it.

It's perfect here near the coffee machine. This way, early in the mornings, one can make coffee and take a walk in the woods with Wade before anyone else is awake. A quiet time to hear the leaves crunching under your feet as the smell of freshly brewed coffee wraps around you.

If only all mornings could start like this rather than in the usual way, which is being jolted from bed with a feeling that someone has blown a whistle and yelled, "GO!"


magali said...

That's so like Mini-Husband, he asks for explanations and then tries to police everyone into following his own rule! On the other hand, you should be free of Fwords for a little time now.

I love your Grand-Dad's picture and its setting is perfect

Kitty said...

Hey, if he has to follow the rule, everyone should!!! In his mind anyway!
Now, get a black and white of the one of Dave and Ellen walking in the woods hang it somewhere! your pictures are very good also.

Sue said...

Nothing like a 7 year old to set his father straight :-). Nice to see a Wayde photo in your house. I have one by my front door. It is the one of Steve by the house on Hall St. which Wayde called "What next little man?" I do love your photos. It is funny how we seem to take good ones. Maybe Wayde's DNA was passed on via contact???

Dig said...

First off, my apologies to my grand father for spelling his name wrong. Hope he realizes these days I'm just happy I can still spell "Dig."

And, secondly, thinking about this post today, I must admit that it's Hubster who is the coffee master in this place. He's good like that.

RHB said...

Love your description of how a typical morning starts- I am so with you- I need some quiet time and COFFEE before that whistle is blown. Love the picture in your kitchen and LOVE Mini-Husband! :)