Monday, August 10, 2009

The Pied Piper and Her Pit Crew

Hubster has a wonderful talent of spending hours and hours looking at all kinds of things for sale on the Internet. Be it eBay or a site like Craigslist, Hubster scans them all. JUST IN CASE something we're looking for happens to show up. Hence how we bought our super gigantic tent/summer house last year on eBay. Also how we got our foosball table, the chest freezer, some cross country ski gear for him and the kids, the new fridge, and several of our old cars. He's good.

So good in fact that he found something we've been looking for for years. Something so amazing and wonderful that my life and the lives of all of us in the village will never be the same.

Hubster found a dog sled cart.

And not only a dog sled cart, but thanks to the fact that the guy selling it was going through a divorce, Hubster found a cart AND and a proper dog sled.


Off he went early yesterday morning, driving over mountain passes to collect the newest toys for the B&B. By the time he got back late yesterday afternoon, the word had spread through the village. Within an hour of unloading the cart and the sled, we had adopted more children then I could have ever imagined. We all stared at the cart, touched the sled, pretended to be out in the snow, and just got goofy excited. Luckily for me, Hubster and Musher Boy's dad make an excellent pit crew and gave the cart a once over to make sure the brakes worked and the tires were pumped.

And then me, Typhon and Anouk, followed by 5 boys on their bikes and Musher Boy running along side, took off.


I don't think I can explain how happy it is to rediscover this sport I love so much. How wonderful it is to take those pups out and let them do what they love to do. AND I can do this without fear of falling off a bike and being pulled through a field of cow shit again. That makes a change, huh?

Ironic that it was about this time a year ago that I got knocked up with Rosebud and all my plans for training and playing with the dogs went on hold. And here we are. A year later, a child richer, and ready to run, regardless of the weather.

Hubster, there is no doubt, you rock. Thank you for Rosebud. Thank you for my cart and sled. Thank you for this insane, fabulous, dog fur covered life.


hubster dave said...

guess all i can say is ... pleasure!

Sue said...

YEAH!!!!Now you can get them to pull you and you can scream at the top of your lungs!!! I love the Rosebud moniker...fits.