Monday, May 18, 2009

Auto Pilot

The last couple of days I've felt as though I'm ricocheting from one aspect of my life to another. Fumbling between rooms in the house, trying to organize and sort as I go.

I'm amazed at my constant need to do laundry. And I haven't even started the cloth nappies yet.

I also wonder how it is possible for all my children to make me so insane and crazy all at the same time and then 2 seconds later, they do something adorable and all I want to do is hug them and cry.

Whoopsie's eyes are still blue and I'm wondering if I got the right baby at the hospital.

But as I feed her, my inner primate comes to the surface and I examine every little nook and cranny of her head, ears, and feet. It's then that I see on those tiny appendages the non-existent pinkie toe nail, just like her dad and sister. Her little nose which just like her brothers' and when she cries, she sounds just like them.

The weather is getting nice and I'm looking for that to inspire me. Hopefully the cloudy weather that has been dulling my sleep deprived mind will go away for a few days and I'll be able to soak in some warmth and sun.

The good news is that my sister is coming to rescue us on Wednesday. She's seen the white flag flying and is bringing reinforcements.



kissmekaty said...

Is she bringing chicken gumbo??? xoxoxo

Sue said...

And Gumbo mix...three boxes...and Curtis.

RHB said...

Praying for you- I can relate to that cycle of over the edge craziness and the next minute Mommy love that overwhelms us- I think the crazy cycle is definitely related to sleep deprivation, breastfeeding and the other constant mommy needing members of the family. Hope you enjoy your time with your sister!