Friday, May 15, 2009

And Hamburgers and Pizza and Chicken Nuggets

The other day, Mini-Husband and the The Princess had their usual lunch at the cantine, which over here usually consists of a three course meal including the mandatory cheese and dessert courses. Lucky kids. All I ever got at my school cafeteria was a pizza that burned the crap out of the top of your mouth or a hamburger that could have been used as a hockey puck.

On this specific cantine day in question, the meal was couscous, a delicious mix of semolina with vegetable and meats, served in a savory sauce. The meal has it's origins in the Maghreb countries (Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco) and is extremely popular throughout France, even here in the sticks.

Odile, the lovely woman who works in the cantine, served all the kids and taking the chance to help these country bumkids learn more about the world and differing cultures, asked the group where couscous comes from. Mini-Husband raised his hand high and begged to be called on. When Odile finally asked him what he thought, he responded proudly,

"Couscous comes from England."

Now, if there are any doubts about the origins of this child, cast your mind back to the time that Hubster liked to claim that the sport of lacrosse came from that sacred isle as well. I have a sneaky suspicion that Mini-Husband will assume, for the rest of his life, that all things wise and wonderful are somehow English in nature.

God Save the Queen. And Mini-Husband!


hubster dave said...

"all things wise and wonderful are somehow English in nature."

It's your words Dig! Who am i to argue?

Kitty said...

Guess you need to expose him to Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding!

RHB said...

How does the song go? All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small, all things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all- yes, I think God also has a special place in His heart for the English, Dave, and mini Husband. :)