Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rites of Spring

We've been having the best of weather this week. Warm sunshine and clear skies, inviting all the daffodils and spring flowers to make their appearance. We've got buds on the magnolia trees and the fields are turning green. All I want to do is be outside.

Yesterday, Mini-Husband and I took a drive down our favourite back road near the village and tumbled upon our friend's flock of sheep. All of them bushy and white with a teeny tiny lamb on wobbly legs tottering around the field behind them. Mini-Husband and I laughed at their antics as they tried to hop over piles of hay on those match sticks.

Continuing on, we stopped off at another friend's for a quick visit and had the chance to play with 6 baby chicks who have taken up a corner of her kitchen. There they jumped and peeped as Mini-Husband laughed in joy. Six fuzzy yellow balls of fluff, bumping into the sides of the box, no worse for the wear.

On our way back home, I told him how our dog sledding friend had helped her female to have her puppies at the end of February. Now, those 8 furry Siberians with blue eyes and black & white fur are running around her garden, chasing bugs and bees, their pink bellies round from their mother's milk.

Mini-Husband sat in silence for a couple of minutes. (This in and of itself is note worthy, but it turns out he was reflecting on the beauty of spring and all this new life around us. Old soul, this one.) At that point, he mentioned that since all the animals seem to be having their babies now, I could go ahead and have Whoopsie if I wanted. I agreed that that sounded like a good idea and promised to work on that ASAP.

We arrived back at the house to discover a minor archeological find had been discovered under the rubble that was the annex. Madame Home Depot seems to have uncovered a small scale Stonehenge right here in the Auvergne. Granted, it's not as imposing as the real thing in England, but we think the stones were only dragged from what was the left wall of the annex and not Wales as is in the original case.

Regardless, watching the sun set through our own monument to life's seasons, was wonderful.

So, sing "HO" for the beauty of spring and all that's blooming around you! Now, get outside and enjoy it. Yes, that means even you, Whoopsie.


Diane said...

I am envious that you got to do all that with just Jack!

Kelly said...

Wonderful post, Karen. I have been at a loss for words lately, and you summed up pretty much what I've been thinking. XOXOXOXO