Monday, April 6, 2009

Boy I'm Glad My Name Isn't Mary

We had a lovely weekend at the B&B. Loads of sunshine and warm weather as well as being blessed by the company of the Three Wise Men, aka Hubster's friends from England.

The arrived in fine style late Friday afternoon, loaded with cases of wine from the local vineyard. Seems they didn't want to take a chance of not getting the trunk filled to the rim with the wonderful red stuff before enjoying a weekend with us.

Much to their surprise, seems Hubster had forgotten to tell them that I was pregnant and we had both neglected to tell them that Madame Home Depot was still here. Lucky for us, I wasn't forced to sleep in the barn and they seem to have adapted well to the overbooking situation. Who knew an eye shield and a mattress in the lounge could be so comfy!

And small success for us, Bubba-Love made it through three mornings without the cartoon fix he gets with his bottle. A rousing success, in my book!

The Wise Men headed off this morning leaving me, the kids, and Madame Home Depot to clean up the wreckage. I'm not sure any of the bottles they bought Friday are actually making it back to England. Most of them seem to have been just carted off to the recycling bin.

I always enjoy getting the chance to see these guys. They understand Hubster better than I do at times and have known him long enough to really tease him well. Add in the sarcastic wit of Madame Home Depot and my lovely grumpy temper and what's not to enjoy? Who cares if the B&B is overbooked? It's all in the spirit of the place.

Three days till Madame leaves us and our German friends arrive. Busy times with my growing belly. I'm thinking I should get the manger cleaned out just in case.


Kitty said...

Did they use the Dave's Cave?

Diane said...

Are you going to get a break from guests before we arrive?

Sue said...

Karen is looking at a five day break somewhere in here...Dave, no break.