Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Long Strange Trip of Hippy Earrings

These are some of my favourite hippy earrings from back in my days of drinking, singing, and existing on the edge. They jingle when I wear them and remind me of the times I had them on at random and sundry music festivals in Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah. Good days, before I had cares in the world.

I like hearing them tinkle as I turn my head or play with the dogs. A gentle melody from my past playing in my future.

That is, until Mini-Husband got a hold of them yesterday. Seems his new glitter glue pen from Kitty kept getting blocked so he searched high and low for something just the right size to poke out the glue blob.

Yes, it would have to be my earrings, a symbol of my life of liberty, that are now warped slightly from the pressure of expulsing clogged green glitter.

I've managed to mend them a bit today so I can at least wear them again. And I must admit, they do look rather nice with that touch of glitter. I think even George Clinton and the P-Funk Band would have to approve.


Diane said...

Da** that Kitty. Bringing glitter glue!!! What was she thinking!!! Did you get to try the Patton originals yet?

Sue said...

I could always send Le out in search of some new earrings...just in case another catastrophe happens. It never hurts to have more than enough.

RHB said...

Those earrings are so you! I'm glad that they are still wearable!

Diane said...

I am thinking Le could totally hook you up Kar. Hippy and hip.