Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And So We Wait

The Cavalry is coming today. A fantastic team of two, who by their presence alone, I think will enable me to just calm down.

There is nothing like having your mom and dad with you when, even though you may look and supposedly act like an adult, you are feeling as abandoned and pathetic as a toddler lost in a grocery store.

I'm not expecting them to do anything really while they are here except to love us and continue perfecting their jobs as grandparents. New sets of ears for Mini-Husbands stories, someone who can sew The Princess' stuffed doll back together, and someone who will happily watch "Cars," "E.T," and "Chicken Little" with Bubba-Love while I hide in the kitchen and hope these contractions actually amount to something.

I spent most of yesterday wondering if each of those twinges and pulls was the start of the 'big one.' Each contraction like a little earthquake around and under my belly. I can understand if and why the people of California are sick of talking about the 'big one.' After a while and all the little 'almosts,' you just give up and don't think something else is really ever possible.

So we wait with baited breath for our 'big one,' who is actually a little one, but one who will rock our world all the same. And the best part is that Kitty's booked travel insurance, so that no matter how long the waiting takes, they'll be here for this too.

I suspect we may need to get a new copy of "Cars" again.


Sue said...

The cavalry just made it to their connection in Detroit due to thunderstorms here. Hopefully they arrive without any further incident. French word of the day on your site...eau. Maybe that will give Whoopsi some good ideas...

Dig said...

As in "break-out-of!" I wonder if my water breaks at the airport if Air France will give me some bonus miles or free flights for life. ;)

Glad they made that connection. I'm watching the live feed on the European leg.

Diane said...

Here's hoping they don't have to change their flights for the leg home.!!!

RHB said...

Hooray for the calvary! I'll be calling them to get the latest this time I guess.