Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to Make It Snow Chez Vous

*Take every stitch of clothes not in their assigned place and throw them into the laundry basket.

*Haul incredibly heavy and awkward mountain of stinky things to the basement.

*Separate and chuck as much as possible into the washing machine and add soap.

*Quickly leave basement to go do other pressing projects, i.e surf the web, drink a cup of tea, or day dream about wearing a bikini again sometime in this lifetime.

*Hours later, head down to basement to move laundry.

*Open washer to see all kinds of weird grey and white gelatinous material everywhere.

*Find what's left of the nappy you had forgotten to take out of Bubba-Love's pajamas.

*Throw it all in the dryer in hopes that you won't break the machine you just got fixed and that said dryer will suck off all the weird gelatinous bits as the laundry dries.

*When the laundry is finally dry, remove all articles and shake hard.

Voila, il neige!

I highly recommend you do this with a dark load for the ultimate experience. Trust me.


magali said...

Can you do it again and take pictures ? ;-)

Sue said...

Step by step instructions! How nice!

RHB said...

Bummer, dude. Hope you didn't break the dryer, but if so, isn't mine in your basement?

Kelly said...

Stein gets so mad at me for leaving kleenex in my pants. I do it a lot. But I'm sure we only get flurries with kleenex - sounds like you got a snowstorm!


Kitty said...
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Kitty said...

If you put a sheet of bounce in the dryer, it helps collect the shreads. Don't ask me how I know this!

Diane said...

I've done that a few times myself. usally a nice stinky one. Momis right, the dryer sheet does work. Collects dog hair too, in cse you didn't know.