Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Conversation at 90 Kilometers per Hour

After having met Hubster for dinner, the family divided and conquered for the ride home: all the boys together in the quatre x quatre and just The Princess and I in my car.

After about 15 minutes of silent travel, where I had time to reflect on the fact that my brain is starting to resemble and respond like a turnip more and more each day, The Princess pipes up,

"Mom, have you noticed how quiet it is without Mini-Husband in the car?"

"Ah, yeah, sweetheart," I laughed, "You're right. It is quiet being just us."

I glanced at her in the rearview mirror, her whispy 5 year old hair framing a little smile on that beautiful, angelic face.

Five minutes later she chimes up from the back,

"Hey, Mom. Did you hear that?"

"What, honey?"

"Did you hear that noise?"

"What noise?

"The noise of us being quiet. It's nice isn't it."

And it was.

I need to find more ways to give her a chance to speak. Even if all she wants to do is listen.


kissmekaty said...

Silence is golden!! xoxoxo

Dig said...

She sure as heck hasn't learned that from me!

Sue said...

That second one just doesn't miss a trick. :-)

Diane said...

Can't wait to squeeze that kid too when I come when Suzanne Diane is born. Even though she doesn't like me.

ckweirath said...

She doesn't like me either...or my shoes for that matter, but she is too cute for words.

Dig said...

She really is a little terror, isn't she? Bless her. LOL

RHB said...

I can't wait until SA thinks that silence is nice!