Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hello Little One

Her she is at 30 weeks. Our little Whoopsie, growing well and giving us a fabulous profile shot for posterity. She's happily tucked up in there with her head under my ribs and her feet on my bladder. Ever so fun, let me tell you!

But when I look at that little face, I get all emotional and weepy. Really, all that kicking and whacking me in the stomach is just fine.

You keep it up in there, Whoopsie, you hear me? Grow baby, grow.


magali said...

Hi Pretty Girl, can't wait to meet you !

Sue said...

Hello Whoopsie!!!! You look like your sister, Ellen.

Kelly said...

Helllooooo in there! Looking good, dollface, looking good!

RHB said...

Precious!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to meet her too. I think I'm going to have to use some miles to come meet her. I can't believe she's almost here!