Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"You've Got to Kiss A Lot of Frogs..."

Eight years ago tonight, I went off to a pub in Oxted, Kent with my mom and dad, my neighbour, and one of his friends. Who knew that a couple of pints and some Bloody Mary's at 4 am would change my life forever.

As Hubster put it to Mini-Husband this morning,

"Mommy and I were just friends when this day started 8 years ago. But then we've been together ever since."

How can you explain to your kids that even though I thought at the time I had just royally messed up my nice neighbourly relations by getting drunk and kissing said neighbour, I really had found my frog.

Yes, I realize that I've just referred to Hubster as a frog.

But before you get all huffy in his defense, it must be said that I came across quiet a bit of frogs and toads in my travels. Some that seemed to have something special about them, only to turn into bullfrogs. Others seemed to be like those beautiful dart frogs, fabulous to look at but poisonous to the touch. Some just sat in the mud and expected me to do the same and others hopped off into oblivion before I really had a chance to wow them.

Hubster was different.

I had known him a few months as that nice neighbour who offered me whiskey and didn't mind a hike over the M25 and up steep hills. A neighbour who knew it was hard living abroad, who had a decent job, who fell in love with my Malamute in less than 2 minutes, and actually bought my mom a drink at the pub. I remember saying to my parents then, "he's just such a nice guy."

And he still is.

And he's my frog because all it took was one little kiss and the rest became our story. We may have been married in October, but it's each New Year's Eve that brings the memories flooding back to me. Us laughing at The George, a few pints with my parents and our friend, and then a cold rainy walk with Luna in the wee hours of New Year's Day.

I'm all emotional and goofy just sitting here remembering it all. It was the start of a new year and our new lives. I love that.

To all of you, I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's Eve and that 2009 brings happiness, joy, and love to each and every one of your lilly pads.


hubster dave said...

hmmm... some people get referred to as a "knight in shining armour" (or armor for you illiterates), others as "the love of my life", I get to be a frog. I feel so honoured today!!!

funny also that she always forgets the bit about where she bit me... the physical scars may have healed, but the mental ones...

Speaking of mental, happy anniversary pookie!

Diane said...

No excuses then about marrying a clone. Dad was right there when you made your choice!!

Sue said...

Cute little blog entry! You just have to love those little buggers, warts and all...right Aine?