Friday, December 19, 2008

And Here She Is At 20 Weeks

My doctor rocks.

During my routine visit today, he had a little looksie at Whoopsie and bless him, he zoomed right on in on her little face and printed this out for us.

Check out that little nose. I'm trying to convince myself she's going to look like me, but since my nose was redesigned in 1987 by a Dodge Colt and a tree on West Running Brook Ave, I'll have to wait to see it in person to be sure.

He also took a few minutes to talk to me about what I can and can not eat over the holidays. (Remember, this is a country that loves foie gras and oysters at Christmas.) He explained that white might be better than red, don't eat anything that smells funny, and just basically enjoy the holidays. He also told me not to weigh myself.

Don't worry, I'm already Googling his credentials.

Have I mentioned how much I love being a pregnant woman in France?

Quick, pass the paté!


kissmekaty said...

Pate`, pleah! I just got a new box of See's Candy!! xoxoxxoxo

Dig said...

Ok, See's might just usurp a good paté...but if you're also telling my your are pregnant, you've got some explaining to do, KATY!! ;)

Sue said...

She is beautiful! I see that nose. It looks like Ellen. As for the eat whatever" department, I'd go for all those Christmas cookies!!!

Diane said...

I recommend egg nog. All that calcium is good for whoopsie.