Thursday, December 4, 2008

Brain Teaser Time!

So was this caused by:

1. A washing machine deciding it wanted to do a little 4x4ing

2. A large furry malamute who knows how to open unlocked basement doors


3. An example of what happens when a woman 17.5 weeks pregnant decides to go on a trail run?

Bonus Question:

Was this at any point in it's life a sports bra or merely a twisted psychotic contraption made to frustrate even the most die-hard of runners, especially when said runners are sweaty?

Rest in pieces. Off I go to Title Nine...


Diane said...

Ouch, that underwire could hurt a pregnant runner or a chewing husky. How did the skirt work out?

magali said...

You are running with underwire ??? Aïe!

My bets are on 2...
but I'll blame you for the Title9 link, saw many yummy things :-(

kissmekaty said...

I'm guessing you need to shop for bras more often!
(Spandex deteriorates over time and is not meant to support large pregnant b--bs, let alone your b--bs.) ;p xoxoxo

Diane said...

i say the dog i know from experience!

Sue said...

Oh Do you want another one of these??? I can get it. I LOVE mine.