Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Doing the Snow Dance

There is nothing like watching three insane huskies go nuts playing in a snowstorm. Well, at least until your face and hands freeze while trying to take their picture and the icicles form in your eyelashes, but other than that, watching them jump and spin is good for the soul.

It was right that I was born in December. Winter is my favourite time of year. Everything crisp and cold and on good days like today, covered with inches of snow. That perfect blanket of white even makes our mud patch of a garden look regal and beautiful. Heck, it even makes the insane huskies look regal and beautiful!

Typhon's singing has been a little intense this morning, it must be said. He seems to be channeling some sort of inner dog in attempts to make contact with that Iditarod racer he knows he really is.

Perhaps we should have hooked the dogs up to Hubster's car for his commute today. I can see them now. Zipping down the roads, flying past the snowplows as Anouk responds to every "gee" and "haw" perfectly. And behind her strong and confident, Typhon and Abaka, giving it all they can to get Hubster to the factory on time.

Ah, a beautiful vision!

But, as we all know, Anouk and Typhon would probably smell out a boulangerie that specializes in cat croissants, bang a hard left, and leave Hubster and his little car stranded in a ditch.

Better that he's depending on his snow tires today.

As for me and the tribe, it's a hot chocolate kinda day. Well, it will be after I teach them the joys of pelting each other with snowballs.


Stephanie said...

Now I'm really jealous! We've had a few flakes, but very few. We did miss you this AM, but I am glad that you have been having fun. How did the snowball pelting go?

Dig said...

Ended in tears. My own. That's what I get for becoming such a large target!

Sue said...

I wish we got some snow...sigh. Throw a snowball for me!

kissmekaty said...

Icicles on the eyelashes, Brings a vision of Tuffy's mustache!! xoxoxo