Monday, May 26, 2008

The Wonder Years

This little peanut is five today.

It's been an amazing journey with this little girl. The entire time I was pregnant with her, I was convinced it was another boy. I just couldn't imagine having a daughter. What would I do with her?

Thing is, I really never needed to worry.

Our Princess is clever and strong. She climbs everything and sings silly songs like her dad in three languages.

The Princess makes friends with everyone and all the big kids want to pick her up and carry her around the playground. It's hysterical watching her either let them or watching her tell them to get lost.

Her French is perfect and she has no fear correcting Hubster and I if our pronunciation is off. It's her language we are speaking after all.

She considers herself a woman of the world, loving the beaches of the south of France, her plane trips to the United States, and the numerous journeys around Paris, up to Calais, and over the sea to England.

She's a ball of sunshine wrapped in pink and purple, jumping off swings and dancing to The Dixie Chicks. She's beautiful and wonderful and when she hugs me, I can't believe my luck.

What do I do with my daughter?

I love her and watch her fly.

Happy Birthday, Princess.


Kitty said...

Hope she has a wonderful 5th birthday!
Thank heaven for little girs!

Sue said...

Nothing like a "mini-me" to have to keep you on your toes. Enjoy her! Happy Birthday Belle!

RHB said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! SA has a purple skirt for you that she keeps reminding me about every day!

kissmekaty said...

Happy B-Day Belly-Bean!!! xoxoxo

I remember calling you while you were in the Hospital. You said your beginning french class had not taught you "Will you check my umbillical cord, please?"

Dig said...

Katy: I'll never forget how excited I was to speak to someone in English! Nothing like being locked in a hospital room, scared of having to actually talk to the staff, eh? Oh how things have changed!

Stephanie said...

Happy belated birthday! I hope it was the best of days.

diane said...

that was beautiful have a happy birthday my little monster

ckweirath said...

Happy belated birthday! Tell her that her shoes are lovely. :)