Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bring Out Your Dreads!

There has got to be some sort of worldwide phenomenon when it comes to people with dreadlocks in the sense that you never really see them in your day to day goings on, but announce a music festival and 13 mini-vans loaded with stinky hair pull up outta nowhere.

Now, I like stinky hair. I actually dated a very nice guy with stinky hair once and I think Hubster might claim that there are days when I'm heading down the road to sporting stinky hair myself.

My issue isn't with the stinky hair itself, it's with the mystery that surronds the actual bearer of said stinky hair. It's like they magically appear for special events and then melt back into society without a ripple.

But how can they do that with stinky hair?!?!

Last night, our very quiet village sponsored a travelling rock show called, "Festig Nous." There were about 4 bands who were invited to play and a really adorable opening act geared toward the kids. The crowd was mostly between 30-45 years old, with a few teenage Goth exceptions thrown in to cover the required black eye makeup and shoes quota.

The thing that got me was the dreadlock contingent. Where did they come from?!? I'd never seen any of them before in my life and yet, here, last night, in my tiny town, there were happy dreadlock people!

Where do they live when they aren't swirling and dancing? Where do they work when they aren't playing the drums? Which grocery store do they go to buy their bottles of water? How come they only come out when the music is playing? How come I can't get my hair to look that nice even when I wash it?

I felt as if I had been transported back to the Grand Targhee Bluegrass Festival. Of course, the music wasn't bluegrass and it wasn't in English, but the vibe was the same.

Dreadlocks! Beautiful, hippy love, dreadlocks everywhere.

Someone explain to me this magical tribe of people. This flowing, free spirited group of people who seem to live around the globe and yet nowhere at the same time...


diane said...

I don't know a thing about the dreads. I thought it just came from not brushing your hair. I didn't realize they stink too. Some mornings I think Ceara has got some working. Craig definitly had some little ones in there the last time he got his hair cut. Bed head has go to be a factor to the sucessful dread.

diane said...

a american idol contestant had dred locks heyy im doing french homework and this is a really cute site try it

kissmekaty said...

Oh gawd, I can smell the patchouli from here! xoxoxox