Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You Know Your Son is 7 When...

* He knows how to work the coffee machine but demands that his mother still help him to get dressed.

* He can draw a plan for redesigning the local hardware store, including an enlarged parking area and restrooms, but can't find a trash can for his candy wrappers.

* He knows that when mommy is yelling at his sister and brother, now is the time to behave, be good as gold, and enjoy watching them getting punished.

* He can answer the phone but isn't sure what it means to "take a message."

* He can read what his homework is, but he can't remember where he put his backpack.

* He likes playing football with his friends at school, but is happy making a sofa out of his duvet for his teddy when it's time for bed.

* He talks about the house he's going to build for him and his girlfriend when they are big and get married. A train house that will whisk them around Europe and over to England to visit Grandma and Grand Dad, as long as said girlfriend passes her English exams at university first.

* He can climb up on his father's lap, snuggle in and ask how volcanos work. Then how engines work. Then how to count to 15 in Spanish.

* He can ride his bike around the village, but will still need a kiss and hug to wipe away the tears if he falls.

* He's tall and strong and looks older than he is, yet he still prefers a T-shirt with a tractor on it to one with Spiderman.

* He can clean his room and clear the table but can't put his clothes in the dirty laundry basket.

* He can tell you he loves you and you know that he really understands what that means.

You know your son is 7 when you realize what an incredible person your baby is becoming. There is no doubt for me, that every day with him has been, and is still, a blessing.

Happy 7 Years, Mini-Husband!


Sandy said...

I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Jack yet but it always warms my heart and make me giggle that there are some things that are universal about 7 year old boys! NO matter what side of the pond you live on.
Sending you big hugs K!

Sue said...

Such a nice reflection on the big 7. The scary part is that some of these things never change even when your baby is 17...

Diane said...

I am tearing up so badly when I read this. I need to go home and hug my 8 year old!!!!!