Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Round Two

Perhaps some of you remember that last January, my loved one's loved one was facing a serious round of surgery to battle a rare form of cancer, pseudomyxoma peritonei or rather, PMP. It was quiet an emotional time for her and her loved one, but we were all so happy to see him recover so well and get back to living as living should be.

Their wedding in August was a wonderful time. The love in that room made even the hardest stoic tear up and there is no doubt in my mind that this couple, my loved one and her loved one, are two of the most wonderful people I've had the chance to know.

It was a blow for them, and all of us who love them, to hear a few weeks before Christmas that the cancer had come back.

Yesterday, my loved one's loved one went through the same all day surgery to remove the offending cancer and send a "nuclear" dose of chemo through his body with the hopes of killing it off once and for good. The news from them this morning is positive, but cautious. He's got another tough recovery ahead of him and I know that this second round, coming so quickly on the heels of last year, has shocked and sobered us all.

That being said, please, hold my loved one and her loved one in your thoughts and prayers. I hope that he will recover completely and this cancer will be gone from his body so that the two of them can get on living without this shadow behind them.

As my cousin has said, "he's strong and courageous" and those are two traits that will help him through this. Throw in the love of a very good woman as well and you can't be anything but optimistic.

For more information on this type of cancer, here's a link to the awareness group. There are some other incredible people who have been affected by this disease as well. Their stories are touching, harrowing, humbling, and brave. Take a minute to read through a few. And then please, pray for them as well.


Kelly said...

You're all in my thoughts and prayers during this tough time. Keep thinking positive thoughts!XOXOXO

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Hey, very positive thoughts and prayers from here Love the Dancers