Friday, January 30, 2009

What's A Kid to Do When Their Teacher is On Strike?

Can you see our little village, perched up on the hill? Can you hear the bells ringing from the church tower as Typhon howls in harmony? No? Neither could I from here. Ahhh....peaceful, blissful afternoon in the winter sun.

I heard from the news that the strike action across the country disrupted traffic and caused mayhem in the cities. For us, it just meant a chance for the boys to run and splash in puddles. The only mayhem to be had was when Mini-Husband was "herded" by our friend's Border Collie.

Most times I really don't understand why the French go on strike. It gets explained to me, but the nuances of the issues go over my head. Regardless, strike action is part of our lives here and one must learn to accept it, live with it as best as one can. If only all the strikes could be scheduled to happen on beautiful sunny days like this one...


Diane said...

Looks like a great way to spend a strike day to me. In fact it looks like a great way to spend any day. In fact I may go on strike so I can come over and do that walk myself.

Sue said...

Nice day!!! I too went hiking this week but it was a sheet of ice.